An Ordinary Ladakhi Tale | Day 5 | Pangong to Leh

Next morning, after breakfast we headed to Pangong Sarai once again. The Lake which literally means ‘high grassland lake’ is 134 kms long and extends from India to China. The Lake changes colours – from brown to green to blue, it looks like a work of fiction.

The point where the last scene of 3 Idiots was shot has been completely commercialized. From 3 Idiots café to the Yellow Scooty, this place looks like a movie studio set. We did not spend much time here. One last look at the Lake and we decided to leave for Leh.

This was day 5 of our trip. On our way back, while we were sipping Tea at Chang La, we spotted a fresh Avalanche – it wasn’t that big and had stopped mid-way. Treading on narrow, snow-laden and bumpy roads, we reached Leh in the night. We were staying at Dream Ladakh guest house. We had dinner at a Korean restaurant called Amigo. We had ordered Kimchi Fried Rice, Sushi, Bibimbap and some Chicken and Rice dish. We were famished and it took a little while for the food to arrive. And it took a little more time for us to figure that Avinash and Ram are hating their dish! Well, we quickly called for the bill and hopped to La Piazzetta so that the guys can eat and stay alive! It was a comedy of errors! We should have known a Korean place by the (Spanish) name Amigo could go completely wrong!

The Yak cheese Pizza at La Piazzetta saved the day! We ate one and packed one – just in case we get hungry again! Our guest house was a 15 minute walk from the place and we didn’t mind walking with content heart and stomach. 😊 We spent almost an hour at the living area of the guest house, browsing through the books, discussing about the next day. Also, the living area was where one could get wi-fi connectivity!

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