Trippy Travelette

A digital marketeer by profession, I was bitten by the travel bug when I was 18 years old. My Mother had gifted me an envelope that had to and fro rail tickets to Gujarat. I had studied in a boarding school in Gujarat and was more than happy thinking about the reunion with my girlfriends who were still there in Ahmedabad and Anand. I was travelling alone but being backed up both morally and financially by my mother, I was a bit relaxed. That trip was where I first experienced the urge to say, ‘I was here, I saw this and it mattered to me.” There was no looking back post this! I was falling in love with the idea of picking up the bag and leaving for the unknown! The travel experiences started becoming a reminder of human insignificance and frailty. Today, I am most particularly in love with Himachal Pradesh. The landscape, the culture and the people here have become a special part of my life. And you will see most of my travel experiences talk about the same. A complete tea addict, nothing gives me more joy than a 'pahadi chai' with some butter toast! Looking forward to exploring and exchanging awe inspiring stories. Happy Travelling!

Wanderlust: Tracing Where It All Began

It all started with my 18th birthday. I had just come back from college and I saw my mother smiling and acting funny. Upon asking what it was all about, she told me to open the white envelope placed on the table. Little did I know that the content of the envelope will change my life forever! It had to and fro rail tickets to Gujarat. It was the month of October and was indeed the best time to visit the state ‘coz of Navratri/Garba celebrations. I had studied in a boarding school in Gujarat and was more than happy thinking about the reunion with my girlfriends who were still there in Ahmedabad and Anand. I was travelling alone but being backed up both morally and financially by my mother, I was a bit relaxed. Going to the best of restaurants, saying ‘table for one please’, sitting at Crosswords for…

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Kareri Lake: An Epic Trail

Planning a birthday is one hell of a task! It’s cruel and gruesome! From ensuring only the right set of people are there to keeping a check at every order that is placed to making certain that the birthday boy/girl does the mandatory bday-shots to making sure the DJ plays just the right kind of dance tracks to ofcourse ensuring that you get the cake, gifts, birthday glasses and what not! Phew! In the last surprise birthday party that we had planned for our friend, everything that could go wrong did go wrong! From unpleasant beings to exotic orders to embarrassing pictures to exorbitant bill at the end to an extremely bad hangover! That party could very well be documented for teaching us/anybody “what not to do while planning a surprise birthday party.” So, this time around when our friend took complete ownership of planning his birthday party, we were…

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Book A Ticket To Manali But Get Down Right Before Aut Tunnel!

Here I am – this is me There’s no where else on earth I’d rather be It’s a new world – it’s a new start It’s alive with the beating of young hearts Here we are – we’ve just begun And after all this time – our time has come Ya here we are – still goin’ strong Right here in the place where we belong Getting down right before Aut Tunnel and heading towards Tirthan Valley proved to be the best weekend getaway decision ever! We had reached Aut Tunnel around 7:30 in the morning. We had arranged for a cab that took us to Shoja Village via Bali, Dari, Targali, Banjaar and Jibhi.  Shoja was about 7kms from Jibhi. We were staying at Raja Guest House. After quickly freshening-up and having a hearty delicious breakfast that included yum stuffed paranthas, bread-omelette and masala chai, we left for the…

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7 Days. 934 kms. My Love Affair With Himachal.

I woke up to a loud bang. The noises varied from explosions to fireworks, the sound of a gun firing to an enormous roar. It sure looked like my last few moments on earth and all I wanted to do was call up my Mother to talk to her one last time. It took me more than few minutes to come to my senses and realize that I was alive and so were some 20 people around me. This was Day 2 of my trip to Himachal. We were stranded at this place called Tindi. The bridge ahead had collapsed and Border Roads Organization (BRO) was blasting the other side of the hill with dynamites to construct a small passage for us to be able to cross it. The horrendous noises were a result of the blasting, which I mistook for ‘I-am-about-to-die-what-to-do phase’ in my half-asleep state. Phew! I had…

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Backwaters Bound!

Exploring the backwaters!

Lying parallel to the Arabian Sea, the tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters in Kerala will take your breath away. The backwaters network in Kerala is fed by 38 rivers and we chose Citrus Retreat Resort in Allepey that lies on the banks of Pamba River. Originating from Sabrimala Hills, this river is the third longest river of the state. To reach this slice of heaven, we had taken a 3 hour train ride from Thiruvanathapuram, the capital city of Kerala, followed by a 20 minute ferry ride. We were happy to see the Operations Manager, Mr. Chan Vasah who had especially come to receive us. Upon arrival we were welcomed in a traditional manner – with Tilak, a big smiley Namaste and delicious Mango shots. We had booked the rooms via and it took us mere 3 minutes to check-in. Mr. Chan walked us around the property and the moment…

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Pangot: A Hidden Retreat In The Himalayas

Serenity at its best!

Devoid of the maddening crowd and cellular network, Pangot is a gem hidden in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. Located just 15kms from Nainital, this place with over 200 species of birds is a paradise for bird watchers. The bus started an hour late at 12am from Kaushambi bus terminal and was scheduled to reach Nainital at around 8am. Around 3am we woke up to a jammed road in Garhmukteshwar. It was Budh Purnima and all the devotees were lined up to take a holy dip in the Ganges. And this added a further delay of a couple of hours! While we happily slept through all this, one of our friends being true to his ‘planned spontaneity’ element, started shortlisting homestays that we could crash at for the weekend. The bus dropped us 3kms before Nainital Mall Road and we decided to walk that distance accompanied by some yum…

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An Escape To Dehradun

Happiness Is Random Travel Plans!

The decision to escape to this valley nestled in the mountain ranges of Himalayas while playing Foosball, tipsy at noon turned out to be one of the best decisions made. The place offers the best of both the worlds. It is perfect for those interested in cafe hopping and is a paradise for those who want to drive aimlessly marveling the scenic beauty. Here is a quick guide to spending a day in the valley. Try your hands at Boomerang videos. Its a new video app from Instagram that lets you turn everyday moments into something fun, and creepy! Sit by the roadside bench and enjoy the view! Pose for some ridiculous selfies! Any trip would be incomplete without them! Spread some love! 😀 Smoke up….or don’t! 😀 PS: Dehradun is just 6 hours drive from Delhi. All you need to do is pack your bags and leave! Now! 🙂 Happy…

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