Meet The Tribe

While I love travelling solo, there is absolutely no chance in hell that I would miss a group travel with these people! There ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or dislike people than to travel with them. And these people are my tribe! Always up for adventure, wanting to explore just a little more and the right kind of insane!

The first one in this list is my crazy elder sister. A day dreamer and a wanderer at heart, she truly is a global citizen and is the one who saves my ass every time! Her Instagram account usually boasts of her travel to New York and Canada! You can follow her at: @all_places_unseen. 

Plastic Engineer by profession, he is a foodie at heart! I remember he had cooked Chicken Curry in one of our trips to the hills (I think it was Jalori Pass) and it was simply finger-licking good! His Instagram account captures the best of food trails that will make you drool and also has some phenomenal travel pics! You can follow him at: @mohit27690.

Usually the quiet one, Pooh has the tendency to kill you with her one liners. She is the walking book for anything and everything related to solar power and is a complete daredevil by heart!

A luxurious and planned-spontaneity traveller, he is a walking travel book and has some killer dance moves! His Instagram account features his adorable pet, Argos. You can follow him at: @arjunkchadha.


He finally turned his 7 year old dream of doing the Leh-Ladakh trip on a bike into reality! The comedian of the group and a fine researcher at heart, his Instagram account has some fab videos of the Leh trip. You can follow him at: @rahul_ram7.

A trusted travel partner and a friend, he is truly a khatron ke khiladi! He runs a travel agency in Manali and is the guardian of all my trips to the hills. His Instagram account will make you pick up your bag and leave for the hills right away! You can follow him at: @black_sheep_motto_adventures.

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